Kick-off SOLID ecosystem

20-04-2021 from 14:00 to 15:00
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On April 20, Digital Flanders and Ghent University (research groups IDLab and mict) will facilitate the first virtual round table about the SOLID ecosystem.

Personal Information Management Systems allow to capture, visualise and exchange personal data. One of the leading technologies is SOLID, based on the idea of the founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee. SOLID works with a personal data safe in which the most recent data, of a citizen or company, is stored. Difference with the current approach is that citizens control those vaults: he/she decides who can use which data. SOLID can contribute to a real data revolution, in which citizens deal with data more consciously and in this way more data and more innovative data applications enter society.

Together with the Flemish digitisation agency Digital Flanders and imec-UGent research group IDLab, imec-mict-UGent is co-organising the virtual SOLID kick-off event on April 20th (14h-15h). With this kick-off event, we want to bootstrap the SOLID ecosystem in Flanders by bringing together governments, companies and academic partners to foster future developments and research both from a technical and non-technical point-of-view.

On the agenda talks with UGent Rector Prof. dr. ir. Rik Van de Walle, Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez and Barbara Van den Haute (Digital Flanders); cases from innovators such as the City of Antwerp, Randstad and VITO; and reflections by Prof. dr. Stijn Baert (UGent) and Prof. Ethan Zuckerman (MIT).

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