Launch Mobile DNA-app | Kop Op campaign

The MobileDNA application is meant to confront users with their smartphone use. One in three Flemings claim to use their smartphone at least one hour a day, whereof 14% thinks they use their smartphone at least 5 hours a day. At least, that's what they think. With this MobileDNA we want to make a difference: this application will give insights on how much you actually use your smartphone.

23.01.2018 – Moeten we massaal digitaal detoxen?, Van Gils & gasten life

23.01.2018 – Radio één: Prof. Lieven De Marez, Radio één

26.01.2018 - Mobile DNA-app voor Vlaming met digibesitas, Engineers Online

21.02.2018 - MobileDNA, Van Gils & gasten live


BRON: één, 23/01/2018
BRON: één, 23/01/2018