Registration: Foreign languages

Register step by step for a language course  (update 22-01-2021)

Is the course of your choice full? Contact us via

How do I register? 

You can register online. 

Do you register late (two weeks or more before the start of the course)?  Please send a proof of the payment at the latest one weekday after your registration to

Attention! You have a place in the course only when the full course fee has been paid.  Cancelling is possible until two weeks before the start of a course.


Until when can I register?

You can register before the third lesson.

To offer you high quality courses the number of places is limited. When a course is fully booked we show this as soon as possible in the schedule on the course page. In order to be sure of a place in a course, you should register as soon as possible. 

For the beginners' courses you can register until the second lesson.

You can register for a follow-up course before the end of your present course. After all, you are not automatically registered for a follow-up course. If you fail the final test you can either do the compulsory orientation test or cancel your registration for the next level without cost.

Can I register for a course at the UCT?

Yes, if you have finished secondary school.

Some courses (e.g. Advanced Academic English) are only for specific target groups.

There is a maximum of three consecutive enrolments for a specific course.

Binding orientation test (OT)

For each level (except level 1) you have to take an orientation test (OT) to evaluate if your starting level matches the level of the course. If you are redirected to a different level, we notify you via email from You will get a new confirmation / invoice on the second page of which you will find the details of the changes.

If the UCT cannot offer you an alternative course, it will cancel your registration without any costs. The course fee you already paid will then be returned to you.

The results of an orientation test (indicating the level which is most appropriate for you) are binding and remain valid for a period of one year.

How will I know whether I have passed the orientation test?

For some languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish) we require that you take an online self assessment test before applying for registration. The result of this test will allow you and us to assess the level of your language command. During the first class meeting the teacher will provide a brief oral test in order to confirm the level indicated by the self test. The result of this oral test determines your definitive level and is binding.