Course fees - Foreign languages

The fees shown below are per course and course book included. If you have to buy a commercial course book, a discount of 10 Euros is calculated in the course fee.

Via the courses section you can find out if there is a UCT course book or a commercial one and which price

Price category Ghent
students (1)
on a grant (7)
Ghent University incoming exchange students (4)

Ghent University departing exchange students (5)

Ghent University departing exchange students on a grant (5)(7) Ghent University staff (2) Others
A 150 110 150 65 (3) 50 (3) 215 275
AA 170 130 170 55 (3) 40 (3) 245 275
B 180 140 180 65 (3) 50 (3) 255 285
C 230 190 230 65 (3) 50 (3) 295 390
E 130 (6) 110 (6) 130 (6) 55 (3) 40 (3) 345 410
I 230 190 230 65 (3) 50 (3) 295 390
J 85 45 85 65 (3) 50 (3) 115 150
M 170 130 170 55 (3) 40 (3) 255 335
OA --- --- --- op
Q 150 110 140 65 (3) 50 (3) 215 275


  • Ghent University students pay a reduced student course fee.
  • If you are a future Ghent University student, you pay the reduced student fee if you have already enrolled at Ghent University. If not, the full course fee is to be paid (cf "others"). In that case the student discount will be refunded to you if you send within the year an email to stating your student number. You also get the student discount for Summer courses organized during the summer prior to your enrolment.
    • Summer courses are those courses that start in the period from July to the middle of September.
    • Students cannot pay via training cheques (see below).


  • Ghent University employees pay a reduced course fee. The discount applies when you take a course as a private individual, as well as when your department pays the course fee.
  • Doctoral students are considered to be staff members. They will be granted the staff discount and not the student discount.

(3) Exchange students of Ghent University can use a digital voucher offered by the International Relations Office to take a language course at the UCT at a greatly reduced fee.
The outgoing exchange students can use this digital voucher to take one course in the language of the country they are travelling to in the academic year of their exchange or in the two academic years before. Upon registration, they have to pay the student fee. The digital voucher is retroactively processed via Oasis and reimbursed once the students have left abroad, in other words: in the year of their mobility and at the time of uploading the confirmation of arrival.

(4) Non-UGent student starting studies at UGent.

(5) UGent student starting studies at another university.

(6) The total student's fee for this course is 240 Euros. The student pays 220 Euros while the Faculty of Law and Criminology contributes the remaining amount.

(7) Students or outgoing exchange students of Ghent University with a grant of the Flemish Government can follow a UCT course at a reduced fee. This holds for courses they follow during the academic year in which they are entitled to a grant. They have to submit a proof of acceptance of their study grant through this form.