Exchange students

Exchange students of Ghent University can take a language course at UCT at a greatly reduced fee.

 Outgoing exchange students are entitled to a discount when taking a language course in the academic year of their exchange or the preceding year. Students are supposed to take a course in the language of the country they are travelling to. Upon registration for the course, they pay the student fee. In addition to the student fee, they will receive a discount which is retroactively processed and reimbursed upon arrival abroad. To this end, students must upload the Certificate of Stay upon their arrival abroad.

 Incoming exchange students from partner institutions of Ghent University, exchange students in the context of the Erasmus+ Traineeships and students enrolled in a joint programme are also entitled to a discount upon registration at UCT. This discount applies to the following Dutch courses: 

  • the day courses ‘Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages’
  • the evening courses ‘Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages’ levels 2 until 5
  • the evening course ‘Dutch for Exchange Students level 1’

The discount does not apply to the evening course 'Dutch for Speakers of other Languages level 1'. 

Registration with a discount is only possible after enrolling at Ghent University.