Switching and cancelling courses

Our cancellation policy for students of higher education in the context of an overlap in their schedule or resit can be found in our specific code (see point 6.8).

Cancellations made by students

Cancellation of a course

Cancellations can be made until two weeks before the beginning of the course (first lesson or placement test) and have to be done in writing by email to uct@ugent.be, by the participants themselves. A cancellation cost of € 50 will be charged for administrative costs.

If you cancel after the final cancellation date, the full course fee is to be paid. In that case, no refund can be made.

Refunds are not made automatically. In order to get a refund, you should give us your IBAN bank account number and your original registration form.

For a refund to a foreign bank account, the following information is required:

  • student’s name and address
  • name, address, account number, account holder’s IBAN-number
  • name and address of the branch bank
  • SWIFT code of the bank

Refunds can only be made within the calendar year in which the course takes place. Please also take into account that the UGent sends out refunds only once a month, usually at the end of the month.

Cancellation of the Interuniversity Test of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages (ITNA) and Interuniversity test of academic English (ITACE  for students)

You can cancell your registration for the test until two work days before the test. The cancellation cost is 25 Euro. If you cancel after the final cancellation date you have to pay the full amount.

Cancellation of the Preparatory Year of Dutch (“Voorbereidend Jaar Nederlands” — VJN)

Please ask for our special brochure on the course Preparatory year of Dutch, which includes detailed information on the specific enrolment procedure.

Cancellations made by the UCT

If the course you registered for is fully booked or if we move you to another level and/or group, your registration can be cancelled at no cost.

In case a course needs to be cancelled by the UCT due to a lack of candidates or any other reason, you will be informed of this before the scheduled start of the course. In this case, you can cancel your registration at no cost.

Switching courses

Students can only switch from one Foreign Language Course to another or from one Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages course to another. Students are not allowed to change their registration for a Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages course to a registration for a Foreign Language Course. Moreover, you can only switch courses within the academic year that you had registered for. Students cannot switch their registration for one academic year to a registration for another academic year. It should be noted that changes in registration are only allowed if there are places available.
For Foreign Language courses and for courses of Dutch for Speakers of other Languages alterations are possible until two weeks before the orientation test or the start of the course.