JACOBS, G., DU PONT, O., ROSSELLE, M. and VAN DEN EEDE, K. (2008) "Get down to Business English." Leuven: Acco

Get down to Business English is a comprehensive Business English course at the upper-intermediate to advanced level. It is divided into 4 main themes (employment, marketing, finance and production) and 16 free-standing, topic-based units (from pay & benefits to globalization). It features over 1,000 words in the broad field of business and economics as well as more than a dozen authentic cases, from on-line shopping through Amazon.com to Volvo's Your Concept Car. One of the book's main features is its wide range of communicative activities both on oral and written skills and on selected grammar. In addition, it draws on purpose-made audio recordings of improvised native-speaker dialogues, recent audio materials from international media (including NPR) and new texts from a wide range of newspapers and on-line resources (including The Economist and the BBC website). Finally, there are special sections on spelling, pronunciation and phonetics, and on how to use a learners' dictionary, files for information-gap and other activities and suggestions for self-study. This revised edition includes updates on the latest in business, including phishing, Omega Pharma wonderboy Marc Coucke and the battle for control of the Dutch banking group ABN Amro. Get down to Business English is a course for pre-work adult students who want to develop the specialist language knowledge they will need in the workplace. It caters to both male and female interests and it pays special attention to the contrasts between English and Dutch.