Advanced academic English: Conference skills (=full course)

Content information

Starting level:
Advanced knowledge of English.

This overview course concerns various skills related to successful academic conference participation. Participants learn how to create a well-structured conference contribution which is tailored to and leaves an impression on its target audience.

This semester course compiles content of the UCT’s four conference skills modules and thus focuses on presentation skills, effective slides and academic posters while also boosting English proficiency within the conference context. It uses authentic examples to spark discussion and implements the insights in productive exercises using the participants’ own material.

The course successively covers the following topics:

  • How to pitch your research project
  • How to prepare an academic presentation in the right register
  • How to set up a presentation structure
  • How to properly manage you voice control and body language
  • How to make your slides effectively reinforce your main message
  • How to structure and design an academic poster

At various intervals, extra exercises on academic vocabulary and implemented grammar will be presented.

Throughout the course, participants will present, edit and receive feedback on their own material.

Placement test: No

Evaluation and testing:
This course is situated within the framework of continuous training. After completion of the entire cycle and a final evaluation on the basis of a presentation, participants receive the continuous training certificate Advanced Academic English: Conference Skills. The course may count toward doctoral schooling (3 credits).

Administrative data

Course abbreviation: ACCO

Programme: VTO

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Special information:
Doctoral students who are affiliated with the Doctoral Schools can only enter via the Doctoral Schools Support Unit (

Course book: UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.

Belongs to the series: Advanced Academic English: conference skills (continuous training)


Number of tuition hours: 20

Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 2

Course book available at: UCT

For who?: -Doctoral Schools UGent