Conference skills: Effective slides (=module)

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Starting level:
Advanced knowledge of English

Objective: The students learn how to cast a critical eye over the design of a slide and the coherence of a slide show.

Content: In this module, we have an evaluative discussion of various aspects of slide design: how to edit your content, how to present it visually, how to manipulate it so it allows for a dynamic way of presenting. We zoom in on the typical ingredients such as the balance between image and text, background, colours and font types. We pay attention to a clear communication of the main message. Based on these criteria, we evaluate some authentic examples. In the second session the students' slides which they developed based on insights acquired during the first session are commented on. Therefore it is important that all participants are present at both sessions. If you cannot participate in one of both sessions we advise that you register for another set of sessions altogether.

This course does not offer an initiation to the use of PowerPoint or other programs, but gives insight into the practical implementation of the (basic) knowledge of the software.

Placement test: No

Evaluation and testing: The students create a slideshow. The course may count toward doctoral schooling (1 credit).

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Course abbreviation: SLID

Programme: VTO

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Special information:

  • Doctoral students who are affiliated with the Doctoral Schools can only enter via the Doctoral Schools Support Unit (
  • This course is a module of Advanced Academic English - Conference skills

Course book: UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.

Belongs to the series: Advanced Academic English: conference skills (continuous training)


Number of tuition hours: 6

Nr. of hours per week: 2 X 3

Course book available at: UCT

For who?: -Doctoral Schools UGent