Applying for a post-PhD job

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Starting level:
Advanced knowledge of English. Prospective students who are unsure about their level of English can submit a text before the start of the course, so that our teachers can determine their level.

After this workshop the participants will be able to go through an extensive and complex solicitation procedure.

This training offers a thorough preparation to the entire application process. The course starts with an in-depth analysis of job ads, linked to self-assessment to facilitate an efficient application. Afterwards, we have a critical look at the participants’ own cover letters and cv’s and discuss which are attractive to future employers. Thereby, we draw up some ground rules for efficient writing. The final part of the course tackles the job interview: the elaborate preparation (getting to know the company), a persuasive execution of the interview itself (introducing yourself, dealing with (tricky) questions, asking questions yourself, negotiating pay, proper business attire, body language) and the follow-up. The course materials have been developed based on scientific research on application procedures and have been adapted to our target audience – the doctoral students. Each session will dedicate plenty of time to individual problem areas of the participants. For the first session, we ask all our participants to bring four copies of their cv in English.

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Course abbreviation: AFPJ

Programme: VTO

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Special information:
Doctoral students who are affiliated with the Doctoral Schools can only enter via the ().

Course book:
UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.


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Number of tuition hours: 6

Nr. of hours per week: 2x3/3x2

Course book available at: UCT

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