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Content information

Starting level:
You studied English at secondary school and can still use the language well.

During eight interactive sessions, this course aims to provide a lower threshold for and greater fluency while teaching in English. Via authentic materials you get more in touch with the do's and don'ts of different aspects of teaching, including structuring of matter, dealing with questions, formulating definitions, etc. In addition, the course also aims at a practical brush-up of your English grammar command and at increasing your vocabulary.

Each session consists of two parts: a closer look at the skill of teaching and a linguistic part. Via authentic materials the participants acquire insight into the competence of teaching in English and can use this to teach a short lesson, which is afterwards discussed by the group. In this way, both general and individual difficulties can be addressed. In addition, grammar and academic vocabulary are covered in function of communicative objectives and are put into practice with different types of speaking exercises.

Placement test: No

Administrative data

Course abbreviation: ENDO

Programme: VTO

Course fees

Free for members of the target group (see Summary)

Useful info

Special information:
The course is free of cost and open to professors and doctoral assistants / doctoral scientific cooperators. Participants who cancel their registration after the start of the series or who attend less than half of the lessons, will have to pay the participation costs (210€ pp) themselves (or their department will have to). Participation certificates are issued after participation in at least half of the lessons.

Course book: UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.


Number of tuition hours: 16

Period: 2nd sem.

Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 2

Course book available at: UCT

For who?: professors and doctoral assistants / doctoral scientific cooperators of Ghent University