Writing clear emails

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Participants can apply basic principles of reader-oriented writing when writing emails. The learn to cast a critical eye on several aspects of email writing and practice how they can write more efficiently.

This workshop starts with a couple of introductory exercises that focus on the form and content of emails. Considerable interaction is expected of the participants, for example evaluating examples, rewriting emails, writing emails in a specific context). Participants are asked to bring own emails to class, which will be discussed during the workshops. Suggestions for rewriting will be discussed in group or individually.

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You can only register (*) for this course via the UGent portal.

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  3. Select Apollo
  4. Click “Personeel”
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Number of tuition hours: 3


Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 3

This workshop forms part of a trajectory of 3 x 3 hours aimed at improving written production in Dutch. The workshops can be attended separately or as a trajectory. The workshop “Reader-Oriented Writing” is regarded as the overarching basic module of the trajectory and should ideally (though not necessarily so) precede the others.

Hand-outs available at: UCT

For who?: Ghent University staff (Administrative and technical staff)