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Starting level:
Native speakers of Dutch or level of Dutch B2 (Common European Framework).

This course focuses on refining skills for meetings and note taking and making them more goal-oriented in a professional context.

This module covers the three stages of the meeting process. We focus first on preparation and the various meeting goals. Through discussion exercises, you will learn to formulate your own opinion more efficiently and react aptly to criticism (active listening, I-messages). We cover the different types of meeting participants and consider strategies for coping with them. The different forms of note taking and their usefulness are equally addressed. Through a case study and extensive role playing you will evaluate your own meeting behaviour and that of others.

Useful info

This module is only organized by request, which has the advantage that we can offer the utmost flexibility, in terms of both content and practical arrangements. The content of the course is personalized in mutual consultation and adjusted to the context of your company, thus perfectly fitting your needs and wishes. Moreover, we schedule the course at the time and location that suits you best, of course taking into account the availability of the teacher.

Should you be interested in exclusively arranging this module for you and your employees, please contact for a non-binding offer.