How to register?

Anyone, whether connected to UGent or Association UGent or not, can register. There are no limits to the number of registrations. A distinction is made between officially registered UGent students (of the present academic year i.e. 2021-2022 and having a student card) and others (including staff and their family, researchers and their family, external people, ...)

Students are allowed to register until the end of February 2022. See terms and conditions for further details.

The usual rules of the University apply in connection with quitting the programme.

Registered UGent students

If you are a student of the European Master of Clinical Linguistics, the Low Countries Studies are a mandatory course for you.

Other students, in the possession of an official UGENT student number for the present academic year, can register through Oasis; the Low Countries Studies is a course offered by the Faculty of Arts (A005539A - Low Countries Studies). The course is free for these students and no other formalities are required. For problems with the enrolment, please mail to the .

Exchange students need to send an email using their official UGent-address to with the request to participate in the Low Countries Studies programme.  The course is free for exchange students.

Students at the UCT, having no additional enrolment at Ghent University, are considered as external participants.

Staff of UGent and external participants

Staff and researchers of Ghent University (without a student card), as well as their family or external participants need to register for the Low Countries Studies via Oasis. After registering your personal data (name, address etc), you can apply for a registration for the Low Countries Studies. The final registration is done at the International Admissions Desk in the UFO building. Be sure to bring your employee badge and identity documents with you.

The International Admissions Desk is part of the Central Student Administration. It is located in the UFO building, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, 9000 Gent (1st floor).

Opening hours of the International Admissions Desk are indicated on their website. For problems with the enrolment, please mail to .


The programme is free for exchange students and students fully registered at Ghent University (you need your official student number).

Other participants and staff are also welcome to attend the programme; they are invited to pay a registration fee of 247,90 EUR.

Terms and conditions