Terms and Conditions

The Low Countries Studies programme does not lead to a degree, only to a certificate. The programme is not a full-time degree programme or exchange module and cannot be used to gain access to or register for university studies. If you are a student, you take this course as an additional programme. Since this is a post academic programme, no ECTS credits can be obtained.

Students can register until the end of February 2021. The usual rules of the University apply in connection with quitting the programme.

Certificate and how to obtain it

Students wishing to obtain a certificate are invited to write a short essay (about 4000 words). There are two options. 

Option A: The students are invited to write a reflection on the programme of the Low Countries Studies. What did you learn, what are the differences with your homeland, what topic should be included? The statements must be substantiated with arguments.

Option B: The students are invited to write an essay where they compare one of the subjects treated during the series of lectures with the situation in their homeland. This comparison should be accompanied by a reflection on both situations.

The essays are expected at the latest on Sunday, 23 May, 23.59h.

The essays should be handed in via Ufora (Infosite Permanent Training Programme “Low Countries Studies”). Under the tab ‘Ufora-tools’ there is an ‘Assignment’ called ‘Essay’. The  essays will be evaluated in a simple way, using only the scores passed or failed. Mind!: only the students wishing to obtain the certificate are invited to subscribe to the course and to write an essay. The presentations of the lectures will also be available on Ufora.

The official certificates from Ghent University are signed by the Rector and the dean of the Arts' Faculty. Each student will receive a copy both in Dutch and in English.

The name on the certificate will be in the order as indicated on the official registration list (and on your university card) of the Rectorate. This order cannot be changed.

In previous years, the certificates were handed out officially during the Certificate Awarding Ceremony. Unfortunately, such events cannot be organized this year.