Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Languages and Cultures

What is the BA in Oriental Languages and Cultures?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures comprises four study fields: Arabic and Islamic Studies; Chinese Language and Culture; Indian Language and Culture; Japanese Language and Culture. The Bachelor’s programme consists of three years, with a focus on spoken and written language, cultural topics and methodological skills. Internationalization and international dialogue are core issues in all courses. 

What does the course look like?

In the first year, students receive an introduction to the various cultures of the Arabic-Islamic world, China, India or Japan, combined with an intensive language training. In the second and third year, the intensive language and cultural courses continue, with the addition of the possibility to spend a semester at an Asian university. Methodological exercises are added, as well as the possibility to take up a Minor in, for instance, economics or political sciences. In all three Bachelor years, the focus is on modern language skills, while the link with the classical languages is equally addressed. 

Why study Oriental Languages and Cultures at Ghent University?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures has three key points:

  • focus on intensive language training, combined with a thorough study of cultural aspects
  • attention to past and present, linking both aspects
  • discussion of cultures in contact, for instance, China and Japan, or India and the Islamic world, and so on.


Full programme

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Chinese Language and Culture (China track)

Chinese Language and Culture (UGent track)

Indian Language and Culture

Japanese Language and Culture