My role as chair of the Examination Board

  • As soon as the Examination Board has been composed by the Faculty Council, the chair, assisted by the Faculty Student Administration (FSA), will communicate the necessary information to the Examination Board members.
  • The Examination Board is presided by the chair during the first and second session. The chair ensures that the procedures and all the regulatory stipulations are correctly implemented during both sessions. The chair has the right to vote and secures the voting process during the sessions. There are some additional criteria for an article-based doctorate.
  • The examination decision is publicly announced by the chair immediately after the deliberation, following the second session.
  • Ghent University does not grant grades of merit within the context of a doctorate, nor does it ‘congratulate’ the student. Doctoral students pass or do not pass. If the Examination Board takes a positive decision, the doctoral student will receive his/her degree,a beret and the gift from the faculty