Voluntary traineeship

A voluntary traineeship is not part of the study programme (or your curriculum), but is part of the university studies. This voluntary traineeship is covered by Ghent University’s insurance policy via a Ghent University contract for a traineeship. The total duration of this traineeship with the same traineeship provider in the same academic year may not exceed 60 performance days. You must be enrolled as a student under a diploma contract at Ghent University during the period in which the traineeship falls. A voluntary traineeship can no longer be started if you obtained your Master's degree. The traineeship cannot be started during the summer months after obtaining your Master's degree.


When you have the opportunity to do a voluntary traineeship and you would like to do this under a Ghent University traineeship contract, you should first request permission from the traineeship coordinator of your programme (= faculty contact person):

You fill in the traineeship contract for a voluntary traineeship correctly and completely (in triplicate), and submit a copy signed by all parties (yourself, the traineeship coordinator and the traineeship provider) to the traineeship secretariat (= Faculty Student Administration). You also keep a copy for yourself and you provide a copy to the traineeship provider. You also add a short description of the agreed traineeship activities as an appendix.

You can ask the Faculty Student Administration for an SNCB certificate to travel to and from the traineeship at a reduced rate.

If you encounter any problems during the traineeship (e.g. you want to terminate the traineeship early, the traineeship is not going as agreed, ...), always inform the traineeship coordinator of your study programme.


Contact the learning track counsellor of your study programme.