After every examination period, you can contact the lecturers for feedback and perusal of your exam copy (see Education and Examination Code, article 60). Feedback involves a review and explanation of your exams. Students are provided with recommendations intended to advance, improve or adjust study performance in view of future exams.

Feedback is first of all provided to students who did not obtain a credit certificate (10 out of 20 or more) for a course unit.

Any questions about the possible deliberation of an exam mark cannot be answered during the feedback session. For more information, read the deliberation rules.

Feedback or perusal is not granted to third parties.

You will find the dates and hours of feedback for each course unit in a separate schedule (in Dutch).

In addition to feedback, Ghent University also provides students with elaborate student counselling and guidance:

  • the faculty student counsellors provide individual guidance and organise remedial sessions.
  • the Student Counselling Office of Ghent University organises training sessions (in Dutch) about study skills, fear of failure, procrastination, fear of speaking and sleeping problems. They also offer help with reorientation.