Aerial Photography in Flanders (1984-present)

The department is a pioneer in aerial archaeological prospection in Flanders since the 1980’ies

Shadowmarks of ditches surrounding former burial mounds
Shadowmarks of ditches surrounding former burial mounds
Pilot Jacques Semey started his pioneering prospection flights around 1980, documenting hundreds of unknown sites as cropmarks, shadowmarks or soilmarks. Since then, different department members execute dozens of prospection flights a year, mostly above Eastern and Western Flanders. And even today, new sites are added to the already substantial database. The aerial photographic collection contains over 72.000 images, documenting a wide range of archaeological sites and features. The archive is an important source for scientific research, but is also invaluable for heritage management purposes.


Prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois

Dr. Birger Stichelbaut