Prehistoric ceramics from Thorikos

The earliest wheel-made pot at Thorikos: a Lefkandi I-Kastri wheel-made plate (copyright: Margarita Nazou)
The earliest wheel-made pot at Thorikos: a Lefkandi I-Kastri wheel-made plate (copyright: Margarita Nazou)
Dr. Margarita Nazou is an Aegean archaeologist and a specialist in prehistoric ceramics. She is responsible for the study and publication of the prehistoric pottery excavated from Mine 3 at Thorikos by Ghent University and the Belgian School of Athens in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Mine 3 is one of the largest prehistoric mines in the Aegean and thus far the oldest mine in the Lavrion with evidence for exploitation inside the gallery going back as early as the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, also known as the Early Bronze Age II period. Moreover, a possible date for the existence of open-air mining activities already during the 4th millennium BC, the Final Neolithic period, is based on the recovery of a substantial quantity of pottery of this phase during the excavation. Mine 3 has also produced a significant quantity of EB III, Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age pottery; the final publication of all this material will be an important contribution to our knowledge of prehistoric Attica.

Another project that Dr. Nazou is currently engaged with is the study of the prehistoric pottery recovered from the Thorikos Archaeological Survey by Ghent and Utrecht Universities (2012-2015). This study can shed light into the extent, nature and connections of the prehistoric settlement of Thorikos, by investigating the distribution of pottery on the Velatouri hill. The project employs macroscopic fabric analysis in order to broadly distinguish between local production and imports at Thorikos, to be soon complemented by analytical techniques (petrography and Neutron Activation Analysis).

Final Publications in preparation

  • Thorikos Mine 3, Volume I: The Neolithic, Early Bronze Age I and Early Bronze Age II pottery. Leuven: Peeters Publishers.
  • Thorikos Mine 3, Volume II: The Early Bronze Age III, Middle and Late Bronze Age pottery. Leuven: Peeters Publishers.


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