Hand-made pottery in Northern Gaul (2012-2016)

Hand-made pottery in Northern Gaul: typo-chronology, usage, cultural and economic approaches (1st c. BC - 4th c. AD), PhD research Nelly Venant

This research project focuses on hand-shaped pottery in northern Gaul between the first century BC and the fourth century AD. It aims to characterize the production of hand-shaped pottery during the Roman period in the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse, territory located at the interface of the Civitates Tungrorum, Nervorum and Remorum. This area saw dense and continuous occupation during the study  period and the archaeological sites of the area provide hand-shaped material in abundance. Our work will consist in establishing the typological corpus of this pottery, defining its morphological evolution, characterizing its production, situating it among the local and imported hand-shaped pottery and, finally, defining its distribution scale.

To address these issues, we shall follow four research axes: a typo-chronological approach which will aim to establish a corpus which will identify its morphological evolution; a technological approach which will implement an analysis of the operational chain of hand-shaped pottery, mineralogical analysis and, if necessary, chemical analysis; a contextual and functional approach which will identify hand-shaped pottery in its context of use; and finally, an economic approach which will focus on determining the modalities of production and distribution of this ceramic category.


Nelly Venant

Prof. dr. Wim De Clercq

Laurent Tholbecq (ULB)