Visitors' pass

What is a visitors' pass?

A visitors' pass is issued to domestic and foreign visitors, like researchers from other universities (personnel or otherwise).

Within the framework (and funding) of a scientific exchange project, they spend a short stay (no longer than 90 days) under the supervision of a Ghent University promoter.

The visitor can also be a staff member from another organisation staying at Ghent University for consultation on or realisation of a joint project under the supervision of a Ghent University promoter. It is not a visitor in the broad sense of the word, i.e. students can never obtain a visitor’s pass.

After the pass is completed with a photograph and signature of the visitor, the pass can be used. The identification number starts with 871.

Request and issuance of the pass

An application has to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. There is no guarantee that last-minute applications can be issued on time.

The pass should be requested:

  • To permit the visitor access to the below-mentioned facilities, regardless of the length of stay in Belgium  within the framework of academic activities
  • For visitors who will stay in Belgium for more than 5 calendar days for academic activities or for those who extend their initially shorter stay to more than 5 calendar days. Any additional days that the visitor spends in Belgium and that are not related to university activities cannot be taken into account

The visitors' pass is issued by:

  • the International Relations Office (IRO) if the visit is within the framework of an international educational project, or if the visit is no part of a file handled by IRO or DOZA, for example the visitor has a scholarship from the home university and Ghent University was not informed
  • or the Department of Research Affairs (DOZA), if the visit is within the framework of research or service for which DOZA has a project file

When approved, the promoter and applicant will receive an automatic mail with a 'Sworn Declaration’ in annex. After sending the signed document to IRO ( or DOZA (, the card will be sent to the promotor, or (after appointment) can be picked up from the IRO or DOZA offices.


    Obligatory notification in Belgium: more information

    Length of stay

    A foreign visitor can only have his stay approved by IRO/DOZA, if it does not exceed a maximum of 90 days per calendar year. Exceptions are not possible.

    The visitors' pass is valid for the duration of the stay, and the ultimate date of validity is mentioned on the pass.

    Registration at the City of Ghent

    Upon arrival, each foreign visitor (both EU and non-EU citizens) are required to report to the municipality of the city where the visitor will stay. For the city of Ghent, you can find more information on their website.

    What to do?

    Send all information and documents to
    Use the subject: APPLICATION DECLARATION ARRIVAL – full name.

    Needed information?

    • Address in Ghent
    • Mobile number
    • E-mail address

    Needed documents?

    • Passport
    • 1 recent picture (max. 6 months old)
    • Visa C (if applicable) and entry stamp for Belgium or Schengen
      Or Residence Permit of another EU member state and date of arrival in Belgium
    • If applicable, host agreement


    Visitors with a visitors' pass are automatically insured for physical accidents during university activities, and on the way to and from university activities. All information and the limits of coverage (in Dutch) is found on

    Visitors with a visitors' pass are also insured for civil liability during university activities (for damage to third parties), if the act that caused the damage occurred under supervision or any form of instruction by a Ghent University staff member (so that Ghent University is somehow liable), unless the visitor already has a civil liability insurance of its own (or by way of his/her employer or home institution).

    For some categories of visitors there is a repatriation insurance for travelling abroad within the framework of university activities. All information and limits of coverage (in Dutch) is available on

    For foreign visitors the Ghent University promotor (or the visitor him-/herself) can request an additional insurance, dependent on the specific situation (EU or non-EU; health insurance (obligatory!)), such as the All-in insurance (medical costs, repatriation, civil liability private life) or the separate repatriation insurance and/or the separate civil liability insurance private life. All information can be found here:

    Ghent University facilities

    Each visitors’ pass contains a bar code, and automatically grants access to:

    • the GUSB (Ghent University Sports Centre)
    • the student restaurants

    On request, the visitors' pass will also grant access to:

    Application form

    Application form (to be filled out by the promotor): register online


    International Relations Office (IRO)
    Contact person: Evy Pot
    Het Pand, Onderbergen 1
    9000 Gent
    tel. 09 264 70 02