Research Policy Plan

The ‘Research Policy Plan 2017-2021’ outlines the way in which Ghent University wishes to realize its ambitions in the field of research. The plan is grafted on Ghent University’s mission and on its general mission in education, research and services.

The Research Policy Plan is a guideline for research policy, not for research itself. This document is the ultimate frame of reference for determining the policy priorities in research, the use of BOF  funds, the faculty’s research policy plans and the operational research initiatives.

Core elements: quality, impact, and values

Research at Ghent University can only lead to progress if it is of a high quality and if it has an impact academically and/or socially.

The pursuit of quality, the impact of research and the general research environment are determined by a number of values that form part of this policy plan, of the work of each researcher and of the support services at Ghent University:

  • academic freedom
  • ambition
  • involvement
  • integrity
  • openness

Strategic goals

Ghent University’s ambitions regarding the 2017-2021 Policy Plan can be grouped into six major objectives:

  1. The BOF’s funding channel contributes to the quality and impact of research at Ghent University
  2. The organization and structure of research at Ghent University is workable, efficient and effective
  3. The research policy plan is embedded in Ghent University’s internationalization ambitions
  4. Ghent University’s HR policy backs, stimulates and inspires research
  5. The quality of the research is continuously supported and monitored regularly, taking into account the differentiation between disciplines, the career development of young and more experienced researchers, and the intended impact of the research
  6. Ghent University identifies the obstacles that impede the implementation of its research policy plan and undertakes appropriate action as and when required

Full text of the Research Policy Plan 2017-2021