Electronic applications Apollo and SAP-Fica

Why use these applications?

  • HR (via Apollo):
    • editing your personal details (address, bank account number, …)
    • consulting your pay slip and personal details
    • applying for holidays
    • applying for reimbursement of commuter expenses
    • participating in the evaluation process (if applicable)
  • Registering and purchasing of hazardous substances (via Apollo)
  • Financial administration (via SAP-Fica):
    • registering work-related travel
    • registering expenses

How to use these applications?

These portals are available in Dutch only. Both are made available via the software platform Athena (which in turn is only accessible to researchers and staff members who have been granted an UGent account).

A quicklink is often pre-installed on university-owned computers (look for the red sphere with letter 'A').

Depending on your staff category at the university, the screens and functionalities differ.