Tier2 clusters of Ghent University

The Stevin computing infrastructure consists of several Tier2 clusters which are hosted in the S10 datacenter of Ghent University.

This infrastructure is co-financed by FWO and Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI).

Login nodes

Log in to the HPC-UGent infrastructure using SSH via .

Compute clusters

cluster name # nodes Processor architecture Usable memory/node Local diskspace/node Interconnect Operating
swalot 128 2 x 10-core Intel E5-2660v3
(Haswell-EP @ 2.6 GHz)
116 GiB 1 TB FDR InfiniBand CentOS 7
skitty 72 2 x 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6140
(Skylake @ 2.3 GHz)
177 GiB 1 TB
240 GB SSD
EDR InfiniBand CentOS 7
victini (*) 96 2 x 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6140
(Skylake @ 2.3 GHz)
88 GiB 1 TB
240 GB SSD
10 GbE CentOS 7
joltik 10

2x 16-core Intel Xeon Gold 6242 (Cascade Lake @ 2.8 GHz)

4x NVIDIA Volta V100 GPUs (32GB GPU memory)

256 GiB 800GB SSD double EDR Infiniband CentOS 7
kirlia 16

2 x 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6240
(Cascade Lake @ 2.6 GHz)

738 GiB 1.6 TB NVME HDR-100 InfiniBand CentOS 7
doduo 128

2x 48-core AMD EPYC 7552 (Rome @ 2.2 GHz)

250 GiB 180GB SSD HDR-100 InfiniBand RHEL 8

(*) default cluster

Shared storage

Filesystem name Intended usage Total storage space Personal storage space VO storage space (*)
$VSC_HOME Home directory, entry point to the system 51 TB 3GB (fixed) (none)

Long-term storage of large data files

1.8 PB

25GB (fixed)

$VSC_SCRATCH Temporary fast storage of 'live' data for calculations 1.9 PB 25GB (fixed) 250GB
$VSC_SCRATCH_ARCANINE Temporary very fast storage of 'live' data for calculations
(recommended for very I/O-intensive jobs)
70 TB NVME (none) upon request


* Storage space for a group of users (Virtual Organisation or VO for short) can be increased significantly on request.
  For more information, see our HPC-UGent tutorial .

Infrastructure status

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