Remote seminar on the C-Trap

22-09-2022 from 01:00 to 02:00
Herlinde De Keersmaecker

Remote seminar on the C-Trap "From single-molecule to cell interactions: How to visualize and manipulate single biomolecules in real-time"

From single molecule to cell interactions

How to visualize and manipulate single biomolecules in real-time

The C-Trap® provides the world’s first dynamic single molecule microscope that allows simultaneous manipulation and visualization of single molecule interactions
in real time.

It allows you to hold and manipulate a single strand of DNA or other molecule of interest and:
• Directly see the location and dynamics of individual proteins at the base pair level.
• Control the stepwise assembly of the biological complex and see it in real-time.
• Manipulate the structure of DNA and quickly change buffer conditions to test their experimental hypotheses
For more info on the C-Trap, please click here 

September 22,2022 At 13.00 via Teams