Calders Patrick, prof. dr.

  • Bekaert Marlies - Mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle and prevention of metabolic complications in obesity. - 2011-2015 - in collaboration with Jean-Marc Kaufman and Johannes Ruige (Endocrinology), Claude Cuvelier (Histopathology)
  • De Schepper Joris - Foot function in patients with Ehlers-Danlos hypermobility syndrome. - 2013-2019 - in collaboration with Lies Rombaut and Sophie De Mits (Physiotherapy), Fransiska Malfait (Medical Genetics)
  • De Vries Janneke (Amsterdam) - Complaints in young adults with generalised hypermobility; interaction with psychological variables, physical activity and coping strategies. - 2013-2017 - in collaboration with Raoul Engelbert (Amsterdam) and  Jeanine Verbunt (Utrecht)
  • Gysel Tineke - Influence of neuropathy on maximal strength, strength endurance and explosive strength in older patients with diabetes type 2. - 2010-2016 - in collaboration with Dirk Cambier (Physiotherapy), Johannes Ruige (Endocrinology), Paul Boon (Neurology)
  • Jibril Mohammed - Autonomic function in patients with respiratory disorders - 2014- 2018 - in collaboration with Eric Derom (Pneumology), Tine De Backer (Cardiology)
  • Pardaens Sofie - Ergoreflex in patients with chronic heart failure. - 2010-2014 - in collaboration with Johan De Sutter (Cardiology), Marc Vanderheyden (Cardiology – OLV Aalst)

Cambier Dirk, prof. dr.

  • Van Bladel Anke - Post stroke shoulder pain - 2012-2018
  • Van Deun Bieke - Paratonia: prevalence, assessment and intervention - 2013-2019