Keynote lectures COVID-19

One year ago we would not have thought that the presence of the coronavirus would still have a significant impact on our way of living today. The current scientific insights are of great importance to give perspective on a world in which we are able to control the pandemic and slowly ease the measures taken. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce our two keynote speakers.

You can watch the recording of the COVID-19 keynote lectures here.

16:00 - Keynote lecture I

Guest speaker: Prof. Steven Van Gucht (Head of Service Viral Diseases, Sciensano and Visiting Professor Laboratory of Virology, Ghent University)

Professor Steven Van Gucht is the Head of the Service of Viral Diseases at Sciensano and Chair of the Scientific Committee Coronavirus that provides scientific advice in order to help the government in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. He is often complimented for his excellent work and clear communication of science to a broad audience. Professor Van Gucht is also a Ghent University alumnus as he obtained his PhD in Veterinary Sciences at our university. Afterwards, he worked as a doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Virology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at which he has been associated as a visiting professor.

16:20 - Keynote lecture II

Guest speaker: Prof. Bart Lambrecht (Science Director VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research and Pulmonologist Ghent University Hospital)

Our second keynote speaker is professor Bart Lambrecht. He is the Science Director of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, namely the VIB Inflammation Research Center in Ghent. Together with professor Hamida Hammad, research in the laboratory of Immunoregulation and Mucosal Immunology aims to unravel the function of various cell types in asthma and respiratory viral infections. Professor Lambrecht has been awarded with a number of prestigious grants and awards and is considered a world authority within the domain. Professor Lambrecht also works as a pulmonologist at the Ghent University Hospital. During the current pandemic, both his scientific and clinical interest focus on the role of existing medicines in our fight against the coronavirus.

16:40 - Q&A Session Keynote lectures

Moderator: Prof. Lies Lahousse (Department of Bio-analysis, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Our two keynote speakers will first give their presentation followed by a Questions-and-Answers session.