Polymer-based materials for tissue engineering applications

About this line of research

We collaborate with PBM group to develop new scaffolds and bioinks based on gelatin, shape-memory polymers and biopolymers for tissue engineering.

We aim to address the design of biocompatible tissue engineering materials, which can interact and respond to the needs of the growing tissues and organs, in vitro and in vivo. Using our own concept of ‘biosensor scaffold materials’, we gain a deeper understanding of cell oxygenation and important biomolecule gradients (pH, Ca2+, others) in Matrigel-grown intestinal organoids and 3D tumour tissue models.

We also collaborate with international experts in biosensor research and microscopy, in order to develop improved nanosensors for imaging O2, T and pH in live 3D tissues.


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  • Ruslan Dmitriev, professor/head of the group

+32 9 332 51 33