Milan Decorte

Milan DecorteMilan Decorte

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent(Belgium)
Tel. : +32-9-264.81.05
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Pharm. Milan Decorte graduated as a pharmacist in 2019 from Ghent University where he obtained his Master of Science in Drug Development. For his Master’s thesis, which he completed at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, he evaluated the mechanical strength of granules from compression data. In 2019,  he started his PhD research on the implementation of antioxidants in pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms

Summary of Research Project(s)

In the past years the an increasing number of APIs is showing sensitivity towards oxidation, requiring significant efforts to understand the oxidation mechanism of the APIs and to devise ways to efficiently control/inhibit the oxidation process of the API during processing and storage. During these studies specific challenges were observed which prevent an optimal use of AOs in solid dosage forms. Not only is the number of AOs approved for pharmaceutical applications limited, it is often challenging to incorporate AOs in a solid dosage form in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. The overall aim of the project is a better understanding of the relationship between the physicochemical properties of antioxidants and their efficacy when incorporated in solid dosage forms (i.e. tablets), to develop and/or optimize the processing technique to efficiently include (and distribute) antioxidants in solid dosage forms, and to evaluate the suitability of novel antioxidants (based on e.g. food, feed or cosmetic industries) for pharmaceutical applications.