Anne Kosgei

Anne Kosgei

Contact info:

Drug Quality and Registration (DruQuaR) group
Ottergemsesteenweg 460, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)

Phone.: + 32 (0)9 264.80.94 (secr. 81.01)








Ph.D. research:

Title: The role of medicines in trade, civil and interstate conflicts.


Conflicts are heavily influencing the daily life of people, including their access to appropriate quality medicines. This project looks into the various ways in which medicines in all its aspects are affected by three types of conflicts i.e. trade wars, inter-state wars and intra-state or civil wars. More specifically, emphasis will be given on the impact of these conflicts on the market access of medicines (formal and informal availability, distribution channels, substandard/falsified/illegal medicines, prices, information), as well as how medicines themselves can influence some aspects of these conflicts.

Keywords: Regulatory; quality; market access; civil wars; trade wars; interstate conflicts.