Erasmus incoming students

This page is meant for Erasmus students and contains information about the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It is strongly recommended that Erasmus and other Exchange students also consult the "Welcome Guide for international students", this guide contains information about the city of Gent, its university, accommodation, transport, language preparation, etc.

You can find more information at the UGent website for exchange students.

The language of instruction at the University of Gent is Dutch.
All courses in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences are taught in Dutch, with the exception of some courses belonging to the complementary education in Pharmaceutical Sciences, which are sporadically taught in English.
In order to attend a course in Dutch, students have to have a basic knowledge of Dutch. The Language Centre of Ghent University offers intensive courses for foreign students.

The Course Catalogue gives a complete overview of all study programs at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as the ECTS credits, corresponding to each course.

However the policy of choice in our faculty is that incoming students are involved in a research project in one of the departments. To this end, knowledge of Dutch is not a prerequisite. Typically, a 3-month research project corresponds to 16 ECTS credits.

Other sites of interest are summarized below:

  • The International Support Team (IST) is the first point of contact for help and guidance regarding a range of administrative and wellbeing issues and offers advice and support.