Watch the Cerise Lecture: 'Soviet Art House: The Secret History of Lenfilm Studio'

(30-04-2021) Online webinar: Cerise Lecture on 28 march 2021 organised by the UGent Russia Platform.

The Russia Platform hosted a Cerise Lecture on the 28th of March.

Catriona Kelly's lecture, based on extensive work with Soviet archives and oral history, uses the history of one of the USSR's most important studios, Lenfilm in Leningrad, to explore how studios as well as film artists had their own 'handwriting'.

The lecture gives particular attention to the ways in which Lenfilm nurtured (while also sometimes coercing and even bullying) young filmmakers in the Khrushchev and Brezhnev eras, a period at which the radical expansion of the film industry led to a mass recruitment drive and brought in new generations of young people whose views and ambitions were often very different from those of the established 'masters' who had dominated movie production in the Stalin era.

• Catriona Kelly (University of Oxford)
• Piet Van Poucke (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, UGent)