Career path and evaluation policy for Professorial Staff (ZAP)

As of October 1st 2018, Ghent University applies a new career and evaluation policy for professorial staff (ZAP). You can find a short introduction on this policy below.



" A predominantly quantitative and output-driven academic evaluation process makes way for talent development and growth, prioritizing vision development and strategy – at the personal as well as the group level. Quality prevails over quantity. " (Rector Rik Van de Walle)

Main principles in a nutshell

  • Those who perform well will be promoted, with a minimum of accountability and administrative burden.
  • Evaluations will take place every five years (which is the minimum as imposed by law). This creates an "evaluation break".
  • The evaluation cycle consists of:
    1. Integration text interview (at the beginning of each cycle)
    2. Intermediate feedback interview (at least one, after the first two years)
    3. Evaluation interview (at the end of each cycle, after five years)
  • More than ever, we focus on talent-oriented support and coaching of the professorial staff in the different phases of their career. To do so, a personalized HR committee has been set up for each professor. 


For associate professors, in addition to the standard career path, there is also a fast track procedure to  promote to full professor (based on exceptional merits and a biennial and competitive call). For more details about the procedure, see article 13 of the professorial staff regulations.

Interested in knowing more about the career path and evaluation policy for professors? Take a look at the information below.

Templates and guidelines

All documents and follow-up of the interviews by the HR committee and Faculty will be provided via the online HR module in SuccessFactors.
This module will be available in September.
In SAP MyApps - tile 'ZAP career" the professorial staff can consult their own career.



Coaching by HR committee

An HR committee is assigned to each professor. This HR committee consists of 5 members: the department chair of the professor involved, a professor from the Educational Quality Control Unit, a member of the faculty office, a peer professor (at the level of full professor or senior full professor) and an HR expert. The HR committee serves, on the one hand, as a sounding board and coachingtool for the professor involved and, on the other hand, guarantees that the needs of the faculty and the needs of the individual professor are kept in balance.

SuccessFactors professorial staff Evaluation Process Manual

As of September 21, 2020, the evaluation process of the professorial staff will be administratively monitored in the SuccessFactors (SF) online HR module 'Evaluations'.

To this end, the Department of Personnel and Organization provides support by means of:

  • a general manual for he professorial staffmember, the members of the HR-committee and the faculty board
  • quick cards that give a clear overview at a glance of the screen layout, the most important and frequently used steps in the evaluation form

Supportive programme for professors

The career development office developed a programme to support you in your role as professor. Dive into our offer: Supportive programme for professors.


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