HR Excellence in Research: realized actions in the period 2014-2016

  • All job vacancies that are posted on the Ghent University English-language website are now also posted on Academic Positions and on the Euraxess website.
    Job vacancies at Ghent University 
  • Each faculty now has its own fund for researcher mobility, targeted in particular at early-stage researchers.
    Researcher mobility fund
  • Ghent University has now established long-term contacts with employers, recruiters and intermediaries on the external labour market who participate in a range of events and contribute to the competency development of PhD researchers.
    Career support for PhD researchers
    Postdoc Community
  • Ghent University's Postdoc Talent Management programme (support programme, mentoring scheme, individual career coaching, website with online resources, postdoc community) is now a part of the regular activities of the Department of Personnel & Organisation, based on a vision text which was approved by the University's Board of Governors. 
    Postdoc talent management
  • After a successful pilot phase and approval by the University's Board of Governors, a regulatory framework is now introducing “a new way of working” (teleworking) throughout the university.
    A new way of working
  • Ghent University now formally acknowledges an important set of teaching criteria (experience by evaluation, expertise, responsibilities) in the recruitment process of professorial staff members.
  • Researchers at postdoctoral level now enjoy the same entitlements  to apply for and to manage research projects as professorial staff.
    Research project management
  • A university-wide policy and action plan on the psycho-social welfare of all staff members, initially approved in 2013, has been implemented and is now part of the regular operations.
  • A training package tailored for postdoctoral researchers is now part of the University's regular staff training programme.
    Postdoc training program
  • Training courses on leadership skills for professorial staff (in Dutch and English) are now part of the University's regular training programme.  
  • A coaching trajectory on leadership styles and skills was set up for the University's senior management level (Chief administrators and directors of the Central Administration).
  • The university has given its stamp of approval to the broader impact policy plan for research. A steering committee has been appointed to implement these. The implementation phase is part of the revised action plan.
    Societal value creation of research
  • The Doctoral Training Programme has introduced sessions on scientific integrity and on the professional responsibilities of researchers as part of its regular programme, and have been positively evaluated.
    Scientific integrity
  • The University Board gave its approval to a Charter for PhD researchers and their supervisors.
    Doctoral charter