Science Slam

Science Slam: Let’s talk science… in just 3 minutes!

What is it?

Can you explain a concept in science, armed with only your wits and a few props, in just three minutes? Then Science Slam is for you!

We aim to discover charismatic, up-and-coming scientists that show how fascinating and useful science can be. You inspire people to see the world from a new perspective… in just three minutes. The competition is open to all Ghent University researchers. The jury reviews your performance on content, clarity and charisma. All presentations are in English; computers are not allowed.

Why participate?

  • You participate actively in the lively city festival ‘Iedereen UGent’ on Sunday 8 October 2017
  • You’ll meet young and enthusiastic scientists
  • You’ll develop important communication skills in Bas Birker’s workshops, who will coach the candidates towards the big day
  • You’ll share your passion for science live with the general public

The jury members are: Hetty Helsmoortel, Philippe Smet, Esther De Smet, and Wouter Rogiest. The presenter is Bas Birker.

Take part!

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