Light Festival 2018

Show your research to more than 50,000 visitors at the Ghent Light Festival 2018!
LichtfestivalIn 2015, more than 50,000 people visited our demos about light in the Ufo building during the Ghent Light Festival. Ghent University wants to continue and strengthen this unique cooperation for the next five-day edition, from 31 January until 4 February 2018.

We are looking for researchers whose research has a link with the phenomenon of light, and who want to show why this research is important, why they are excited about it, why it is useful, and/or how they use light as a tool in their research.

Possible ways are a demo/experiment (preferably in interaction with the visitor) or a video, but all ideas are welcome. A lecture/debate in the evening could also be an option.

This call is open to all Ghent University researchers, regardless of their discipline. We will set a theme depending on the submissions.

The selection of the participants depends on whether the proposal

  • suits the theme
  • is feasable
  • has a clear and relevant message
  • suits a wide audience

Think big/spectacular/ambitious: we believe an attractive format doesn’t compromise the message – on the contrary!

Interested? Describe (maximum one page) which message you want to bring, and how it is related to your research. In the ideal case you already have an idea of how you might do it and how much it would cost (we can provide a budget).

Would you like to present your research through a short video? Send us a simple homemade video (three minutes max), so we can see you in action. We ‘ll then make a selection of researchers to make a more professional video.