Interuniversity Attraction Poles with Ghent University involvement

Justice & Populations: The Belgian Experience in International Perspective, 1795-2015 (BeJust 2.0.) 2012-2017 Prof. B. De Wever
Developing crucial Statistical methods for Understanding major complex Dynamic Systems in natural, biomedical and social sciences (StUDyS) 2012-2017 Prof. L. Duchateau
Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization (DYSCO) 2012-2017 Prof. D. Aeyels
Belgian Medical Genomics Initiative (BeMGI) 2012-2017 Prof. A. De Paepe
Photonics@be: towards smart photonics in 2020 2012-2017 Prof. R. Baets
Prof. Z. Hens
Prof. K. Neyts
Fundamental interactions: at the boundary of theory, phenomenology and experiment ( 2012-2017 Prof. D. Ryckbosch
T lymphocytes: from basic biology to immunotherapy (T-TIME) 2012-2017 Prof. B. Vandekerckhove
Molecular Signaling in Cell Death and Inflammation: an integrative approach from basic mechanisms to disease models (DISCOBEL) 2012-2017 Prof. P. Vandenabeele (Co-ordinator)
Integrative PROtein Science: from small molecules to complex biological systems (IPROS) 2012-2017 Prof. B. Devreese
Paracrine and transcriptional control of cell differentiation in organ development and repair (DevRepair) 2012-2017 Prof. F. Van Roy
Prof. D. Elewaut
Multiscale Modelling of Electrical Energy Systems (M2E2S) 2012-2017 Prof. J. Melkebeek
Prof. M. Slodicka
Comparing Regionality and Sustainability in Pisidia, Boeotia, Picenum and NW Gaul between Iron and Middle Ages (1,000 BC-AD 1,000) (CORES) 2012-2017 Prof. F. Vermeulen
The Belgian Research Initiative on eXotic nuclei for atomic, nuclear and astrophysics studies (BriX) 2012-2017 Prof. N. Jachowicz
Multiscale mechanics of INTErface dominated MATErials (INTEMATE) 2012-2017 Prof. J. Degrieck
Functional Supramolecular Systems (FS2) 2012-2017 Prof. F. Duprez
Prof. G. Martin
Prof. V. Van Speybroeck
Integration of Cellular signaling Pathways in health and disease (ICePath) 2012-2017 Prof. J. Tavernier
Integrated cerebral networks for perception, cognition and action in human and non-human primates (CEREBNET) 2012-2017 Prof. W. Fias
Cancer cells and their microenvironment: from gene regulatory networks to therapy (CanEpi) 2012-2017 Prof. F. Speleman
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Electrical Excitability in the Heart and Central Nervous System (ElecXite) 2012-2017 Prof. L. Leybaert
City and Society in the Low Countries (ca. 1200-ca. 1850). The "condition urbaine": between resilience and vulnerability 2012-2017 Prof. M. Boone (co-ordinator)
Growth and development of higher plants (MARS) 2012-2017 Prof. D. Inzé (co-ordinator)
Importance and interaction of allergy, infections and respiratory environmental exposures in chronic lower & upper airway diseases (AIREWAY II) 2012-2017 Prof. G. Joos (co-ordinator)
Prof. C. Bachert
Human liver disease: Study of the hepatic stem cells and their niche, and development of novel model systems (HEPRO-2) 2012-2017 Prof. G. Leroux-Roels
SPatial and environmental determinants of Eco-Evolutionary DYnamics: anthropogenic environments as a model 2012-2017 Prof. L. Lens
Contemporary physical challenges for Heliospheric and AstRophysical Models (CHARM) 2012-2017 Prof. M. Baes
Planets: Tracing the Transfer, Origin, Preservation, and Evolution of their ReservoirS (PLANET TOPERS) 2012-2017 Prof. F. Vanhaecke
Hormones and neuroplasticity: image guided discoveries of molecular mechanisms in neuroplasticity (PLASTOSCINE) 2012-2017 Prof. W. Van Criekinge
BElgian network on STochastic modelling, analysis, design and optimization of COMmunication systems (BESTCOM) 2012-2017 Prof. H. Bruneel
Prof. H. Rogier
The SOil system under GLObal change (SOGLO) 2012-2017 Prof. P. Boeckx
Microbial Resource Management (MRM) in engineered and natural ecosystems (µ-manager) 2012-2017 Prof. N. Boon (co-ordinator)
The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Toward a Users’ Perspective (HRI) 2012-2017 Prof. E. Brems (co-ordinator)
Role of developmental processes in the virulence of human pathogens: from molecular mechanisms to novel therapeutic targets (MICRODEV) 2012-2017 Prof. T. Coenye (co-ordinator)
Aquatic systems under multiple Stress: a new paradigm integrating aquaculture and ecotoxicology research (AquaStress) 2012-2017 Prof. P. Sorgeloos (co-ordinator)
Mechanisms of conscious and unconscious learning (COOL) 2012-2017 Prof. J. De Houwer
Virus – host interplay at the early stages of infection (BELVIR) 2012-2017 Prof. H. Nauwynck