Odysseus laureates at Ghent University

Promotor Title Period Budget awarded (5 years)
Group I
J. Friml Morphogenetic auxin gradients as an interface between cellular processes and multicellular plant development 2007-2011 € 6.056.473
B. Lambrecht Exploiting the function of dendritic cells fo fight disease 2007-2011 € 7.500.000
M. Brysbaert The centre for reading research - Flanders 2007-2011 € 2.867.120
L. Haegeman Comparative syntax. Layers of structure and the cartographic project 2007-2011 € 2.418.000
L. Kestens Engineering of 3D microstructures in metals: bridging ten length scales of functionality 2007-2011 € 2.812.912
M. Grünewald Heavy particle physics with the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider 2007-2011 € 2.636.000
F. Verstraete Entanglement and simulation of quantum many-body systems 2011-2016 € 3.821.000
G. Melino The p53 family in cancer and inflammation 2011-2016 project was abandoned
J. Huisman Higher Education Governance: Multi-level, multi-actor coordination and competition in a complex field 2013-2018 €2.998.889
M. Saeys Modelling-guided Design of Selective Catalytic Processes 2014-2019 € 2.479.000
D. Barnes-Holmes Towards a relational frame theory account of human psychopathology within a functional-cognitive framework 2015-2020 € 2.098.271
K. Ravichandran Clearance of dying cells and their relevance to health and disease 2016-2020 € 7.500.000
T. De Bie Exploring Data: Theoretical Foundations and Applications to Web, Multimedia, and Omics Data 2016-2020 € 2.100.000
A.M. Mouazen Towards Setting up a Centre of Site-specific Technology for Soil and Crop Management (SiTeMan) 2016-2020 € 3.500.000
F. Mohammadi

Exploiting combinatorial structures for algebraic and geometric decompositions

2021-2025 €2.571.990
P. Ntziachristos

Characterizing and targeting aberrant splicing activity in acute leukemia

2021-2025 €3.298.990
B. Linclau

Fluorinations with implications: enhancing the potential of biologically and medicinally interesting molecules through targeted fluorine introduction

2021-2025 €3.153.674
Group II
T. Taghon Characterization of molecular pathways that drive human T cell development 2007-2011 € 651.000
G. Van Loo Study of the (patho)physiological role of NF-xB inhibitors A20 and ABINs through genetic modifications in the mouse 2007-2011 € 651.000
A. Wullaert Cell type-specific functional analysis of inflammasome signalling in intestinal inflammation 2013-2018 € 999.264
P. Van Vlierberghe ETV6: the Achilles' heel of early T-cell progenitor T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 2013-2018 € 996.000
W. H. Alexander A reinforcement learning framework for cognitive control 2013-2018 € 598.600
M. Guilliams Role of specific macrophage and dendritic cell subjects in pulmonary and hepatic immune responses 2013-2018 € 989.000
A. Crabbe The role of host-microbiome interactions in the efficacy of anti-microbial agents 2013-2018 € 684.000
B. De Rybel Unravelling the molecular and cellular basis of vascular tissue formation 2015-2020 € 999.400
F. Impens Proteomics-based characterization of the protein interplay between pathogenic bacteria and their host 2016-2020 € 800.000
L. Bogaerts Readers as statistical learners: an individual differences approach 2021-2025 €729.125
D. De Simone

Upland societies and forests communities in India: Late Antiquity to Early Modernity

2021-2025 €921.600
F. Pakhomov

Recursion, reflection, and second-order arithmetic

2021-2025 €881.000
G. Spyropoulos

Soft integrated ion-based circuits for diagnostics and closed-loop neurological interventions

2021-2025 €1.000.000