Flemish Government Cooperation Programme with France: Tournesol

Flanders and France have an annual programme which aims to encourage collaboration in science and research: Tournesol.

How does it work?

This programme, an agreement set up between the Flemish Government (Department of Education) and the French Embassy in Brussels, aims to establish collaboration and exchanges of results between Flemish and French research and higher education institutes in the field of research and technology. In addition to the joint programme, the French embassy offers young Flemish researchers the opportunity to spend a few months in France.
The applicants apply through their own university to the Department of Education, in Flanders as well as in France.

Tournesol: 8 months

How much funding is involved?

The funding is allocated a ratio of 310€ per week and includes international travel expenses.

For more information:

Lieve Huys
Research Coordination Office
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phone: +32 9 264 30 28 - fax: +32 9 264 35 83
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