Requested budget

The value of the requested research equipment should not exceed €150.000 (VAT incl.).

Price of the requested research equipment

  • Please specify the total cost price of the requested research equipment. If possible, make also a subdivision between, on the one hand, the research equipment and, on the other hand, extension modules and options.
  • Add at least one price offer to the application forms.

Requested financial support from the Special Research Fund and any possible co-financing

  • The first table should provide a global overview of the requested funding from the Special Research Fund (BOF) and possible co-funding through parallel applications at other funding agencies and/or through existing UGent Grants codes. In that case, mention the relevant Grants Code from which part of the requested research equipment will be funded.
  • If research equipment was requested at other funding agencies, this should be stated in the second table with full details. Mention also if the requested funding is already granted. One copy of the parallel application should be added to the proposal.
  • The decision to provide financial support to a project can be (partly) suspended by the Special Research Fund if the project is accepted for funding by another funding agency.

Parallel applications for the total budget

  • If an application for the total budget of the same research equipment has been submitted at BOF or another funding agency, please mention it in this section.
  • The Research Council can decide to award the BOF application conditionally, i.e. on the condition that the parallel application at the other funding agency is not granted.