Information on project proposal

In Part I, 2 of the application the project proposal must be described

Interdisciplinary character (max. ½ page)

Describe the interdisciplinary and concerted nature of the project. Demonstrate that the research will be carried out in an integrated way

Description of the research proposal including aim, methodology and timing, and bibliography of the cited literature (max. 4 pages excluding the bibliography)

Concise scientific explanation with a description of the objective of the interdisciplinary research proposal and the progress it would represent in relation to the current state of research in both monodisciplinary fields.
The work plan should include a scholarly/scientific and technical description of the planned activities aimed at achieving the established objective. Also mention the planning and, if relevant, the division of tasks between the two promoters.

Qualifications of the participating promoter

Background and strategy with regard to the proposal (max 2 pages)

Situate the proposed research work within the framework of the different research topics that are relevant to the application and that the one or both promoters are currently studying or plan to study in the future. When this relates to a totally new topic, then it must be briefly explained and justified.

Cooperation with other researchers, research groups or institutions with regard to this project proposal

If applicable, describe the collaboration with other researchers, research groups or institutions with regard to this interdisciplinary research project. Also describe the nature of the collaboration and how it is relevant for the proposed project. The role of the co-promoter(s) and/or researcher(s) invlved in the project needs to explained here.