The PhD research proposal

In Part I, 3 of the application, you are asked to give a description of the PhD project.

Explain the proposed doctoral research and give a work plan and time schedule with bibliography of all cited articles (max. 10 pages excluding the detailed bibliographic list).


  • Concise scholarly/scientific explanation, with a description of the objective of your doctoral project and the progress which it would represent in relation to the current state of research in the field.
  • The work plan will include a scholarly/scientific and technical description of the planned activities aimed at achieving the established objective and, if possible, the planning and time schedule.
  • Please add a detailed bibliographic list of all cited articles, books, others.

Qualifications of the proposed research group

Context and strategy of the (co-)promoter(s) relating to the doctoral research (max. 1 page)

  • Situate the proposed research work within the framework of the different research topics that are relevant to the application and that the (co-)promoter(s) are currently studying or plan to study in the future.
  • Other possible research topics of the (co-)promoter(s) can be indicated. When this relates to a totally new topic, then it must be briefly explained and justified.
  • If necessary, this part can be filled out separately both by the promoter and the co-promoter.

Most important publications of the (co)-promoter (maximum five in total)

  • Mention the 5 most important publications of the participating (co-)promoters. Explain the importance of each article and describe the innovative character of each article (no restriction in time).
  • What is the impact (scientific and/or economic and/or social) of the research? If the publication has several authors, explain your specific contribution to the research mentioned in the publication.
  • Please mind that the subject of these publications do not necessarily have to be linked to the subject of the application.