4 ways to support trans and gender-fluid students or colleagues at Ghent University

(18-03-2021) Do you know a colleague or fellow student who has undergone who has assumed another gender role or is about to transition? During the Week of Transgender Awareness, we look at ways to show our support. Cause a small gesture goes a long way.


The blue-white-pink trans flag will fly over all campuses this week. As a symbol of solidarity. Because coming out at our university is not an easy thing to do. Transgender people are still too often subjected to ignorance, discrimination and varying forms of violence. The rector therefore challenges you to respectfully show your support on social media to all of your fellow students or colleagues at our university who are trans and genderfluid. Take a selfie that has a trans flag in the background! Or wear a blue, white and pink outfit to celebrate the occasion! And don’t forget to sign your photo with the hashtag #allgenderswelcome.

Email Signaturerector visitekaartje

Do you want to help raise awareness about gender identity? This week, add your preferred pronoun to your e-mail signature (he/him, she/her, they/them) and add a hyperlink to refer people to the webpage ugent.be/trans. Rector Rik Van de Walle (he/him) has already set a good example.

Learn about trans research

A lot of cutting-edge scientific research on the topic of transgenderism is done at Ghent University. Check out the introductory videos made by researchers Nika Looman, Thomas Donald Jacobs, Sven Van de Bossche, Cyrine M’Sadek, Aisa Burgwal and Tine Kempenaers.

Activities Week of Transgender Awareness

A lot of activities are going to take place during the Week of Transgender Awareness. Take a look below and sign up now!

Afternoon Lecture Trans Awareness

Find out everything there is to know about the Ghent University Transaction Plan, gender-sensitive communication and appropriate coming out etiquette in the workplace during an afternoon lecture by Prof. dr. Joz Motmans (guest professor Gender Studies and coordinator of the Transgender Infopunt) on Tuesday 30 March between 12:00 and 13:30. The event will close with a Q&A.

To participate, you have to sign up on the event page.

Gender-Blender Walk

Do you know all the colours on the trans flag flying over our campuses? And do you know where you can find gender-neutral toilets, showers and changing rooms at Ghent University? Join our gender-themed walk on Wednesday 31 March 2021, the Day of Transgender Awareness. Guided by a trans or non-binary Ghent University guide, you will visit a number of Ghent University locations, hear a very personal story at Casa Rosa and visit Blender, the first gender shop in Flanders selling accessories for transgender people. Due to Covid measures, only 6 people are allowed to sign up per bubble. A group will leave every half hour, starting their walk at the benches near the Rectoraat. The first group leaves at 13:00. The walk takes about 1 and a half hours and is wheelchair accessible. Don’t forget your facemask!

To participate, you have to sign up on the event page.

The entire Week of Trans Awareness Ghent University program is available on www.ugent.be/trans.