Participate in survey gender-based violence in research institutions

(18-02-2022) UniSAFE is a EU-funded project that aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence in research organisations by means of a large-scale survey. Participate now and contribute to creating operational tools for policymakers.

Gender-based violence is violence directed to someone based on their gender or violence that disproportionately affects members of a certain gender. This is not limited to women alone, it can affect anyone.

Survey participation

Participate in the survey on the UniSAFE website. The available languages are English, Dutch and French.

Your participation will be completely anonymous. Completing the survey takes about 20 minutes.

The UniSAFE research team wishes to emphasise that, regardless of whether you have been the victim of gender-based violence yourself, your input helps build solid and measurable scientific evidence about the prevalent but under-reported issue of gender-based violence in academia. The survey results will provide scientific evidence to policymakers.


Ghent University is an active partner of the UniSAFE project. UniSAFE is a EU-funded research project whose goal is the eradication of gender-based violence in the world of research. The survey will be combined with qualitative research results in a multi-tier research project which will then be translated into operational tools for research organisations and policymakers. More than 45 universities and research organisations from 15 European countries are involved in the UniSAFE survey - the most large-scale research project of its kind in the European research sector.

More information on the UniSAFE project is available on their website.