Student restaurants change it up with extra spaghetti and more

(17-09-2021) Ghent University restaurants are making some changes: dining on-site is once again possible, you can now bring your own cups or containers for take-away meals and spaghetti will be available at all restaurants daily.

With the start of the new academic year, the student restaurants and cafeterias are once again open for business. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner on-site again. They also provide some new services. You will now be able to bring your own cups or containers to store your take-away meals and every restaurant will serve spaghetti daily.

Eating on-site

Starting this academic year, it will once again be possible to eat on-site at restaurants that have dining facilities available. We are doing the utmost to ensure that visitors can enjoy their meal on-site as safely as possible and are therefore observing the service industry CO2 guidelines. The CO2 sensors in our dining facilities will be clearly visible to visitors.

There will, however, be less seating available than usual. A tray will be offered to all visitors upon entry. In this way, we can keep track of the number of people inside.

Tip: it’s super cosy on the picnic tables under the new tents outside of restaurants De Brug and Sterre.

More menu options and cleaning stations

Good news for the spaghetti-heads out there: the legendary resto-spaghetti will now be available at all our restaurants and cafeterias daily, both for on-site eating and take-away. The dining halls now have new microwaves available in case you would like to heat up your meal on the spot.

Spaghetti makes up about 17% of our restaurant sales.

Another new addition to our dining facilities is cleaning stations where you can clear off your tray and sort your leftover food and waste into the correct bins. In this way, we hope to raise awareness about food waste. We are continuing our partnership with Let’s Save Food to help redistribute surplus food through local and social initiatives.

Take-away is a keeper

Starting last year, the restaurants started offering cold meals as take-away. As before, you will also find pre-packaged salad bowls and sandwiches on our take-away menu.  Perfect to stock up on your evening meal.  This year, you will be able to pick up your soup and hot meals using your own reusable containers or cups. 

All restaurants are open between 8:00 and 15:00, the cafeterias between 8:00 and 14:30. De Brug is also open in the evening.

Easy cashless payments

Have you started using e-purse yet? Using your student or staff card, you can log in and pay all at once. You can check out your balance or top up your card on You can also use that website to get a refund of the balance of your account.

Don’t have any money on your staff or student card? Every restaurant also accepts payment by bank card. The restaurants are entirely cash-free.

The on-site and take-away menus, as well as our opening hours are available on the Ghent University website and in the Hydra app.