Mind the GAP

(16-12-2021) Mind the GAP: a new online training tool for all researchers on research integrity and good academic research practices on the Ghent University Ufora platform.

Mind the GAP is an English-language training tool for all researchers and all those involved in research, from PhD students to more experienced researchers, to teachers and policy makers. The focus is on research integrity and the promotion of good research practices in all disciplines. It was jointly developed by VLIR (Flemish Interuniversity Council) and the five Flemish universities and was financed by the Flemish government.

You can already take the course at your own pace. After successful participation in the test, you will receive a certificate as proof of your efforts and knowledge.

Mind the GAP focuses on different topics within the concept of research integrity. It offers support for good research practices in all phases of research; from research design, over data management to reporting of research results with attention to preregistration, FAIR data, authorship, peer review, and many other topics. A separate module is dedicated to the relationship between PhD students and their mentors/promotors. But also themes such as dealing with conflicts of interest, science communication, gender and diversity and the evaluation of research(ers) are discussed. Although all themes are approached from their link with research integrity, such a tool can only be complete if related themes are also dealt with, such as the use of personal data (GDPR), privacy legislation and ethics. The basis is the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, or the ALLEA Code.

The tool is not just a sequence of texts but combines many forms of learning and draws on the experience that universities have with online learning, blended learning and lifelong learning. Exercises and a detailed test ensure self-reflection and a greater awareness of all aspects of integrity.

The VLIR tool already received an honourable mention as one of the best 10 submissions (out of 43) for a European Council call for Best Practices in Promoting Academic Integrity during COVID-19.

Getting started yourself?

The tool is located within the Ufora learning platform and is accessible to all Ghent University staff.

If you do not have a Ufora account, you can create one through 'Registration for non-UGent users' (‘Registratie voor niet-UGent gebruikers’) on the Ufora homepage (https://ufora.ugent.be). After logging in, you can register in the course site via 'Registration in course' (‘Inschrijven in cursus’ - right menu) by searching for ‘Mind the GAP’.