The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit: an Overview

(27-11-2020) Read all about the implications of Brexit for life at Ghent University in this overview of all articles that were published on the subject in the last weeks.

Part 1: Living and Working Abroad

On the 23rd of June 2016, the Leave Camp was victorious in the Referendum. The United Kingdom was going to leave the EU for better or worse. In the four years since, a vicious battle has been raging on the modalities of this historic decision. The current transitional period is officially set to end on the 31st of December of this year, after which the verdict will be announced: deal or no deal. Every aspect of our daily life will be affected – not in the least life at Ghent University.

What is going to change for UGent’ers in 2021? A short overview.

Part 2: Erasmus+ and Studying Abroad

The central theme of Brexit is getting out from under a perceived European yoke and winning back sovereignty. This idea is perhaps reflected most strongly in the cessation of the free movement of persons between the UK and the Schengen Area, but also by the casting of doubt, in no uncertain terms, on the fruits of decades worth of academic and research collaboration and exchange with the continent.

What do Ghent University students and employees have to take into account in 2021 with regards to Erasmus+ and studying abroad? A short overview.

Part 3: Research and Research Funding

British universities and organizations participate in an estimated 12% of all European collaborations in which Ghent University is a partner. Only German partnerships with Ghent University number higher. Since it is still unclear whether the UK will join programmes such as Horizon Europe, the future of Belgian-British research projects is uncertain. We can, however, say with certainty that the project proposal landscape will be greatly changed in the future.

What do should Ghent University researchers take into account in 2021 with regards to research and research funding? A short overview.

Brexit: Papers, Please: have you submitted all the necessary paperwork in preparation of the end of the transitional period? More info here.