Studying the impact of COVID-19 on migrants and refugees

(24-04-2020) The coronavirus pandemic has a major impact on all of us, including migrants and refugees. Ghent University researchers are mapping how refugees and migrants experience the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 and how they deal with that challenge.

How do migrants and refugees experience the impact of the corona-crisis?

COVID-19 and the related preventive measures of social/physical distancing have an impact on the wellbeing of all of us. Yet, when people live on the street or in large-scale refugee camps, they experience much more difficulties to apply the preventive measures. Other groups might experience difficulties in accessing information or reaching out to health care services, if needed.

Participate in ApartTogether, and inform governments across the EU

Ghent University, in collaboration with a large EU-consortium, wants to get insight into the impact of this COVID-19-crisis and the related measures on the wellbeing of migrants and refugees, with a particular attention for asylum applicants, undocumented migrants and recently arrived newcomers.

The online survey will be available in 30 languages and will be distributed in 10 European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The results of this study will be used to inform and support policy makers and practitioners across the EU to better support migrants and refugees – or particular subgroups within this group – to deal with this global health crisis, for example in relation to access to information, access to health care or psychological suffering, not only now, but also in future crises.

Participate in the research

Do you belong to the target group (refugees, asylum seekers,..)? Take part in the online survey. Participation in the study is easy and takes no more than 20 minutes.

Take the survey

Promote the survey

As the study ApartTogether is a citizen-driven initiative, we rely on people to share  the survey and encourage participation. Do you work with the target group? Do you know organizations, employees or volunteers who work with refugees and migrants? Then share the survey, available in 30 languages


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